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I  have written about my feelings and thoughts throughout our journey of transition and today in honour of our wedding anniversary, this story is about my husband. 

Ahhhh my husband.  The least appreciated person in our house who deserves the most appreciation. I am the luckiest girl in the world. Let me brag about him for a minute.  Ok times up I did my bragging in my head. I will just say this to all the haters out there who said we would never last….guess what?  We did, we are and we will! 

My hubby is the main provider for our family and while he is working hard he misses out on many of our transition conversations and lessons. With this being said he was a little behind the rest of us on the acceptance scale. Don’t get me wrong, there is no problem with that. We are all unique and move forward at our own pace.  We are the lucky ones, even though our pace was out of sync, our days were always filled with love and laughter. This was mostly due to my husband. 

My hubby is a thinker. He is smart. He can build or fix anything mechanical or technical.  He is a oilfield man, a farmer, a trucker and a hunter to name a few. He uses his skills in life with ease. He is my safe place. 

As I try to be good parent today, I’ve learn to rely on 2 essential behaviours. I need to be very open minded and most importantly, I need to laugh.  

This brings me to a funny story about my hubby. 

It was during our pronoun transition period when I noticed my husband having difficulties.  Every word and phrase we had used for our children revolved around the feminine.  Beautiful, pretty, daughters and girlies were our go to words.  For myself, finding replacements for those words was the hardest part of transition and I could see him struggling as well.  He was away working while we were all practicing the pronoun change and he was falling behind. 

One morning as we all met in the kitchen to greet a new day, Hubby joined us with his usual boisterous and cheery greeting. “Good morning bootifuls” he said in his slight Cartman style.  Well……

I still feel sorry for my husband when I think back to that morning and what came next for him. 

He was immediately bombarded by all of us. “No guy wants to be called beautiful”, “You can’t say things like that anymore” and “Dad…..you’ve gotta try harder!”  were just a few of the phrases aimed at him like weapons of mass destruction. 

I realized I was on the wrong side of the conversation (I still don’t know how that happened) and switched teams immediately, sighting forgiveness for my one true love as habits are hard to break and we were all struggling. 

Now I’m pretty sure that if my day started in that fashion it would be ruined not only for me, but for those unfortunate souls around me. My husband being the “good farmboy ” that he is, held his ground, put a smile on his face and belted out his new and improved early morning greeting for his son. 

He spoke in his most manly voice….

“Morning Son, you are Handsome as F*** today!”

We all roared with laughter.  Once again my husband managed to diffuse a tense situation with humour and turn it into a memory we will cherish forever. To this day that phrase makes me giggle.

Happy Anniversary to my husband and my best friend. He has filled my heart with love and laughter and I wouldn’t want my life to be any other way. 

Oh and by the way, it’s Handsome as Fred people……..Handsome as Fred! 

I know what you were all thinking!