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Is anyone else out there scared? 

I couldn’t sleep last night. Yesterday I was involved in a road rage incident with a man while heading home during rush hour. Full Story Here

While I lay in bed with my brain whirling over the hate and violence in the world I started to feel ashamed.  I felt the disappointment in my own actions encumber me like the starlight that was slowly seeping through our patio doors. This is not how my parents taught me to behave. Heck I’ve only heard my dad swear once in his life.  This is not how we teach our children to act.  I’ll admit we can all drop an F Bomb no problem in our house but to act with disrespect and hatred towards another person, never! 

Yet somehow, that is exactly what I did.  I acted with hatred and disrespect for another person and,as I found out later, his young son as well.  Sure I didn’t start the altercation, but I allowed it to happen and I contributed fully. I snapped, just like the driver.  I am ashamed to say, the worst part is……it felt good.  In fact it was liberating to scream at a complete stranger. 

I know I screamed at the wrong person and for the wrong reason. I am terrified! I don’t know how to fix this hatred and I don’t know who to vent my anger towards.  I feel like I am going to explode!  Perhaps the other driver was feeling that way as well. Frustrated with the world.  How can we make this better? Is love the answer, or a revolution?  Religion isn’t helping, and while our governments are doing their best (I just threw up in my mouth a little) there seems to be no hope for change. 

I am reminded of our grade 10 Pshychology class all those years ago (ahem) where we did a project on subliminal messages.      In this case a newspaper ad shows a glass of some alcohol which has a picture of a naked lady hidden in it. The ad then triggers your subconscious to want that product. I compare this trend for violence to a bad recessive gene rooted subliminally in each of us. We have all lived with some form or hatred and bigotry in our lives.  How we behave is what is important. 

Yes I snapped, but did I go home that day, grab my registered restricted handgun of which I am fully trained and licensed to operate (gun laws work people) and go on a horrible killing spree that would devastate the world? 

No! Of course I didn’t.  

I was not brought up that way!  

My subliminal past wasn’t perfect but the messages I received were words like respect, equality, understanding and compassion and of course, love. Those are the words that made me who I am today. 

Perhaps we should start a Secret Subliminal Message Society.  A Society devoted to secretly infiltrating worldwide communications with subliminal messages like LOVE YOUR NEIGIHBOUR, hidden in the hardware store ad, or WE ARE ALL EQUAL placed during sporting events on TV.  ALL LIVES MATTER could be used during the prime time network shows. 

It’s a radical “If we can’t change ’em – fix ’em” theory but I’m desperate for change. 

I have a son.

His name is Josh.

Just sayin