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As income tax season rolls around again, I find my self eagerly searching for this mysterious Balance that seems to elude my life.

What is Balance?  Why can’t I find it?

When I get a small glimpse of Balance it dwindles before my eyes just like my bank account numbers after payday. Seriously, just when I think I’ve got it together something else happens. As the saying goes….

It’s always something!

For me, Balance is an illusion. My accountant however, disagrees highly with this notion.

While I diligently peruse our corporations business activities to ensure our reporting is accurate, I am reminded of a year that was not only personally difficult, but professionally difficult as well.  We are after all, an Oilfield family and the times….they are a changin!

Reconciling your past with your future is as important in life as the final numbers on my Trial Balance.

I have thought a lot about Balance over the past few years.  I have searched for this mystery friend. I have compensated for it. I have perpetuated it. I have denied it. I have yearned for it. I have worked hard to find Balance, yet everyday this everpowering word eludes me.

I don’t believe in the Yin/Yang Universe Theory, if I may call it that.  You see, I emit Kindness and love from my soul on a daily basis, yet here I am, here many of us are, proof that this idea of what you put out there – you get back, is idealistically flawed. Why is it flawed?  It is flawed because you cannot account for the unpredictable interactions of other people upon your surroundings.   In other words…….

We have no control over what other people do.

How do we find Balance when we cannot control the actions of others?

I’m neither Luca Pacioli nor Pythagoras, but I have come up with my own calculations for the theory of balance and I’ve found it to be a successful formula to reconcile my life’s checkbook.

Here is my theoretical and philosophical calculation called The Mother Goddess Theory. I am Mother Goddess, after all.

worry (optimism – relief) + kindness = balance 

Let me break this down for you in Mother Goddess style using bedmas.

We begin with finding the sum of the brackets.  Both Optimism and Relief are a daily part of our lives. Most of us rise with an enthusiastic attitude for the coming day. We are an optimistic species and would not survive without hope. Optimism is a constant.

Relief touches our lives in many ways as well. For myself, I am relieved to wake up finding the kids have done the dishes from the night before. Relief can be simple and it can extreme. An extreme relief would be getting good news from your doctor regarding a major health issue.

To calculate your true bracketed value here you must deduct your Relief from your Optimism.  Although these are both positives, Relief is not a constant. Relief comes and goes and deducting this movement from your Optimism is necessary.

Now we must factor in Worry.

We all worry don’t we?  We worry about our kids, families and friends, our jobs, our pets, our bills, our health….the list goes on and on.  Worry is a part of life and it is always there.  No one gets away without some level of worry inhibiting their thoughts.  My personal research indicates that worry is a negative constant. Worry is perpetual.

Using bedmas again, take your Worry and multiply it by your net Optimism.

Finally, you must credit yourself by adding in your Kindness value.

For the most part we are all kind. We aren’t perfect, but I truly believe as humans we are inherintly kind. We are kind to our children, family and neighbours. We are even kind to the inanimate objects in our lives to perpetuate their value.  Heck I’m going to go out on a limb and say I am even kind to strangers and animals.  Like you, I try my best to live a kind life.  Kindness is a positive as well and although our kindness is not a constant,  it is exponential.

If you are striving to find this balance that is supposedly “out there” getting “thrown back at you”from the natural universe, look no further than your own life chequebook.  Balance is already here. It exists silently, lurking in my formula of The Mother Godess Theory.  Sometimes the Worry value is more predominant then the net Optimism value but you can always counteract the equation accordingly by increasing your Kindness factor.

As I finalize my books and reconcile my prior year I realize I can easily make an adjusting entry to any of my formulas variables to keep my life on course. Manipulating the factors of my equation will always result in Balance.

Although Balance itself is a constant, it’s not necessarily tangeable.

Does Balance really come from the forces of our universe? Is the Yin/Yang actually the higherarchy for my calculation of The Mother Goddess Theoery? The answers to these questions are as unknown to me as the results of my auditors reports after I have enetered my final journal entry of the year.

As I complete my review of our company records I am pleased to report my Trial Balance is in check after all. Is this due to hard work, or is it a miracle?

Perhaps it is just The Mother Goddess Theory at play.

Hmmmm…..I might have to increase my Kindness exponents a bit more and test my theory further.

Just sayin’.