Meet Cindy

“Somehow we managed through the first stage of transition with some dignity. If I can help other families transition with their child by sharing our journey, then it is my responsibility to do so.”

“My hope is to show others how easy it is to accept even the harshest of changes to the family dynamic. It can be done through love, understanding and acceptance.”

“Nothing is worse than suicide. Nothing.”

– Cindy Geisel-


Cindy was born and raised in Southern Saskatchewan, Canada.  Cindy is a musician and singer playing piano and guitar. Cindy works as a Wedding Singer and is writing and creating a one woman show called My Big Old Upright Piano.  Cindy has recently started a career as a a public speaker promoting the first part of her Speakers Series called My Child Is Transgender.

Cindy and her husband and her family currently live in central Alberta, Canada.

If you have a question for Cindy contact her here.


3 thoughts on “Meet Cindy”

  1. You are a GREAT mom. I really appreciate you blogging about your child’s journey, things are different these days and you’re lucky and should take great comfort in knowing you’re not only not alone, but supported by many around the world. Congratulations on great mothering!


  2. edie pruss said:

    What a great post Cindy.. it seems like good things are to follow ..I am very happy for you and your family.. I felt a lot of relief and joy reading this last post… love edie

    Liked by 1 person

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